Writing activities for kinesthetic learners

Find a Way to be Active Kinesthetic learners are physical and tactile. Keep a stress ball in your pocket to squeeze during class to help you maintain focus. Use graphs, charts, illustrations, or other visual aids. Aside from careers in professional and semi-professional sports leagues, kinesthetic learners can become a golf pro at a resort, a professional tennis instructor, a high school sports coach or a physical education instructor in schools.

Give frequent stretch breaks brain breaks. Visual learners may close their eyes, roll their eyes or look up as if trying to retrieve the file of information from their memory. Guide learners through a visualization of complex tasks.

Try lying on your stomach or back. Experiment with different amounts of gel. Experiment with different spaces and styles to see what works for you. Again, if the student is expected merely to work with concepts and formulas as they are presented orally or on paper, this may be quite difficult for the kinesthetic learner.

Athletes If a student has an interest in competitive sports to go with her physical coordination, she may consider a career as an athlete. Play music, when appropriate, during activities. Every hour, or as often as needed, get up from your study spot and do something else.

Try a variety of colours to see which colours work best. If you want to gain more control over your physical state, look up some references on Autogenics. Again, the fewer changes, the easier it is to teach.

Handwriting Lessons for Visual and Kinesthetic Learners

Use breathing and relaxation to focus your state while you learn and perform. Kinesthetic learners tend to understand information best when they personalize it and use representative tools as visual cues.

List of Careers for Kinesthetic Learners

Let them choose the implements, material and media. Some tactile learners lounging in a cozy chair, while others may prefer a straight back chair so they can tap their foot.

Do you continually shift things around. Following a long strand of oral instructions is challenging.

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They easily visualize faces and places by using their imagination and seldom get lost in new surroundings. Kinesthetic learners have a number of strengths, and you can benefit by incorporating them into your study strategies. Provide toys such as Koosh balls and Play-Dough to give them something to do with their hands.

Surgeons, dentists, airline pilots, equipment operators and similar professions rely on their Kinesthetic pathway strengths to perform at high levels. Post flip charts to show what will come and what has been presented.

How to Help Kinesthetic Learners

Do you move your hands alot - like when you are explaining how to do something or you are giving directions?. The results formed part of a report that has been used to inform the human resource development function generally.

Giving listening activities in class where students listen for a specific structure may be beneficial to your aural learners. In addition, music can be a great resource for these students.

Try putting grammar lesson to song or using songs (with printed lyrics) to teach grammar structures, vocabulary or phonetics. I am both a kinesthetic and reading-writing learner. Since these are opposites in many ways, I know that sorting through this information can be confusing.

A Unique Kinesthetic Writing Process Activity for Older Students

Tips for mixed learners would be helpful for nearly everyone-fixed lines don’t fit very many people. A Study of Kinesthetic Learning Activities Effectiveness in Teaching Computer Algorithms Within an Academic Term Matthew Lai, Danny Luong, and G.

Young The last type is the kinesthetic learners Study of Kinesthetic Learning Activities Effectiveness in. Teaching Statistics for Students with Different Learning Styles Jessica Utts Department of Statistics Likes words, language, reading, writing, puns Learning Activities Group projects and problem-solving with minimal direction from teacher.

If studying rocks, for example, kinesthetic learners benefit from exploring the features of the rock with their hands. * They are better able to understand information by writing it down or doing hands-on activities.

Writing activities for kinesthetic learners
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