Importance of sports in urdu

Attracted by the security of the city, Hyderabad began to attract artisans and traders from throughout Sindh, thereby resulting in the decline of other rival trading centres such as Khudabad. All those qualities which we get from the playground help us to face the struggle of life.

The British built a rail network throughout the western part of South Asia in the s, and purchased the private Scinde Railway to connect the province to Kabul trade routes.

So citizens should be alert. The rail network would later be called the North-Western State Railway. Farhan Zaid, Karachi Feb 07, When 92 News live start, on that time work good, now a days no famous tv nes anchor work in 92 HD News, 92 News live need to launch new tv anchor, who special in current affair shows.

These type of blast can be happen more in the upcoming days. The fort was built using baked clay bricks, earning it the name Pacco Qillomeaning Strong Fort in Sindhi. The Partition of British India resulted in the large-scale exodus of much of the city's Hindu population, though like much of Sindh, Hyderabad did not experience the widespread rioting that occurred in Punjab and Bengal.

In a backlash, more than 60 Sindhi speaking people were gunned down in Karachi. Games and sports are necessary and useful for all. Hinduism was the most dominant religion with 43, followers, while 24, Muslims made up the largest religious minority.

The other surrounding temples are related to other gods from the Ramayana. If a person is physically fit, he is also mentally fit and healthy. This temple is located in the centre or we can say in the heart of Jammu.

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While playing in the playground we feel happier because we forget the homework and the scolding of the teachers. This is emotional decision to bring back cricket in Pakistan in the form of PSL final in Lahore. The route crosses major earthquake zones, and is subjected to extreme temperatures of cold and heat, as well as inhospitable terrain, making it an extremely challenging engineering project.

During his profound career, he remained a former judge Lahore High Court and also a leading Advocate. Sportsmen and players have started choosing sports and game as their career. Many say yes Urdu Essay Topics Urdu Mazmoon Importance Of Sports Email This BlogThis!

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Importance of sports in urdu
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