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What's Your Handwriting Say About You?

It makes a lovely example of extreme incompatibility. I am not a professional graphologist, but I have explored the subject enough to be convinced that this black art has a practical application in the assessment of persons to whom access for other character tests is limited.

Every subject will draw a tree, but every tree will differ. A grapholigist who knew nothing about him but his penmanship described him in such accurate terms that when a sterilized version of the graphological report was circulated without any other indication of identity to five persons who had known him well, all five recognized him from the description and four concurred in it entirely.

Now, so far considering Slant and knowing that a signature represents our "public image" and how we write represents how we feel privately, lets apply this to a few cases.

If you have average-sized writing, it demonstrates a strong ability to focus and concentrate. This, of course, is not evidence, in the scientific sense, on the critical question of consistent performance.

There are two kinds of symbol-groups--those common to a society or culture, and those which the writer may have devised on his own, usually unconsciously, to express subconscious wishes, fears, hatreds, and the like.

Is he liberal with his energies, or does he try to economize on every movement. Large gaps between the lines and words show that she feels isolated and lonely. Are your letters connected or disconnected.

A friend of mine was complaining that his girlfriend didn't like going out with groups of people as much as he did.

Anyway, thank god for typing. It would be all too easy to devise a proving problem to show it can not be done, just as it is possible to prove mathematically that a bumble-bee cannot fly.

It peaked at about ten years of age, and gradually deteriorated as I went through high school, sixth form and university, as classes became more intense. October 6, at How interesting that you find it difficult to read individualized handwriting.

Mechanical ability or other special skills. Karen from Oakdale, Pennsylvania, US at Tawanda from Stockbridge, Georgia, US at. Handwriting Analysis as an Assessment Aid, Keith Laycock. An amateur graphologist pleads for at least a dry run on an assessment technique of potential value in intelligence.

Handwriting Insights is a high quality deck of 64 connected, illustrated cards that teaches you handwriting analysis as you use it.

Handwriting Analysis

Analyze handwriting in 5 minutes. Results are worded constructively so people feel good about what you have to say. discover what secrets your handwriting reveals about you and your friends.

Here’s What Your Handwriting Says About You

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Quizzes › Grammar › Writing › Handwriting › What's Your Handwriting Say About You? What's Your Handwriting Say About You? 5 Questions | By Bellarosas | Last updated: Aug 3, Please take the quiz to rate it. Take this test to find out who you really are based on just your handwriting.

I have a personality quiz for you! It tells.

Handwriting analysis test for free
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